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Specialist Photographers to the Construction and Property Industry

Photo Dilapidation Surveys / Photo Condition Surveys provides a dedicated photo dilapidation and condition survey service for projects throughout the UK, using both digital still and 360 technology to provide a definitive record prior to demolition/construction works commencing, at specific key stages and on completion of the works. By incorporating our 360photosurveys photo dilapidation technology prior to commencement of their project can significantly de-risk construction projects from spurious claims once the project has been commenced or indeed been completed.

Our photo surveys are extremely detailed and comprehensive and are typically supplied with location plans identifying the position of each photograph. Our 360° photo surveys are provided with interactive floor/site plans enabling you to click on a location to enter the 360° survey at that point and from which to look around/walk through the survey.

Invariably we find many of our projects are required extremely quickly from the initial enquiry, and in order not to delay your construction project we are able to promptly mobilize our services.

Examples of Photo Dilapidation & Condition Surveys undertaken by

Camden Lock Village Project (London) – provided both 360° and stills photographic dilapidation surveys at the outset of the project prior to construction works commencing and at key stages of the project to provide detailed condition records which proved invaluable to the project team.

Port of Aberdeen Expansion Project (Aberdeen) – provided both a 360° and stills photographic condition survey of the area of the new Harbour prior to works commencing. The extent of the survey included the extensive surrounding land, coastal path, highways and heritage buildings which included the Listed Girdle Ness Lighthouse and associated complex.

Manchester Town Hall Transformation Project (Manchester) – This huge building complex comprised the Town Hall (grade 1), Town Hall Extension (grade 2) and Central Library (grade 2*) required a detailed photo dilapidation survey on completion of the client decanting from the buildings, and again once the `soft strip` works had been completed in readiness for the main contractor to commence demolition works. Comprising both digital still images and a full 360° photographic survey exceeded 3 million individual photographs. The vast detail that was incorporated within this survey proved invaluable to the project team in not only in their discussions with English Heritage and the Planning Authority, but also resolving disputes by enabling the construction teams to verify where defects were already present, or not, prior to works commencing.

Network Rail Viaducts Camden (London) – Prior to undertaking major construction work adjacent and below Network Rail`s Victorian viaducts, undertook a detailed photographic condition survey comprising both still images and 360° photo survey providing a definitive record of the conditions of these brick viaducts. The survey proved invaluable as shortly after the survey, a partial collapse of one of the viaduct spans proved the conditions.

Manchester Corn Exchange Project (Manchester) – Various 360° photo surveys were undertaken for this project, including the individual demises issued to the tenant design teams, to a comprehensive external works/highway dilapidation survey prior to construction traffic accessing the building.

St Peter`s Square Public Realm Redevelopment (Manchester) – A comprehensive digital stills and 360° photos survey of the St Peter`s Square public realm including surrounding roads, buildings and the Cenotaph (grade 2) and War Memorial prior to construction works commencing (and the relocation of the Cenotaph and War Memorial).

London Southbank Centre (London) – Prior to major refurbishment works commencing, undertook a detailed 360° photo survey of the London Southbank Centre`s Queen Elizabeth Hall and Hayward Gallery buildings.

Photo Condition Survey

London Southbank Centre

Photo Condition Survey

Cathedral Square Highway Paving

Photo Dilapidation Survey

Camden Lock Viaducts London

Photographic Dilapidation Survey

Aberdeen Port Expansion

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